New Beginnings


Welcome to my new website, a fresh start for my photography and the beginning of my journey into freelance writing.

Until recently, I was a restaurant manager working in different places over the years. In 2009 I had to quit working altogether due to major pain issues stemming from a congenital spinal defect.  In 2012, I lost most of the feeling in my right foot, by 2014 it was completely numb and I had a bad case of drop foot.

From the time I had my first MRI & CT Scan in April/May 2014 up to my first back surgery on July 30th, 2014 was less than 60 days. I thought I was doing good and recovery was coming along nicely by November.  However, I was very wrong about this. It seems that I was in the process of working four of the six pedicle screws loose.  By July of 2015, I was back in serious pain, all the while using no pain pills, just the muscle relaxers, and gabapentin.

New Beginnings

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