Slow Beginnings

Good afternoon readers,

 I have not had a chance to add a decent length post as of yet. It has been a slightly hectic weekend. Lots of family and emotional dilemma that needed to be resolved.

I am still working on getting the site and plugins in proper functional order.  My style of writing is still to be determined, as I am relatively a brand new writer.  I am currently doing as much research and gathering of information into blogging and being a freelance author. eventually, one day I might even write a book.

 In the meantime, I am going to continue to heal from my spinal issues and such, as well as continue my education in writing, photography and becoming a real estate agent.  With these choices, I should be able to maintain an income despite my physical limitations and liabilities. 

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Amateur photographer, aspiring writer. I am the father of 7 wonderful kids ranging from 21 to 2.

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