No progress made.

Alright, so here I am trying to open my mind and learn how to blog and write again.  I can sit here and type paragraph after paragraph of all sorts of nonsensical nonsense that pertains to my life.

Isn’t that the point?  Are there no personal blogs that make money?  Why do I have to find a niche to sell a product?  What if my product is my life and my niche?  I have tons of these types of questions regarding the “rules” of blogging these days.

No Progress Made

I began this post near the beginning of September, and just now coming back to finish up.  My writing skills are about as good as my organizational skills at the moment. With those being limited to non-existent at times.  However, I have been working on building another website for the last few weeks so that has taken up a bit of my time, along with still doing the parent/adult thing on a daily basis. 


Amateur photographer, aspiring writer. I am the father of 7 wonderful kids ranging from 21 to 2.

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